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Innovation Academy

Students participate in a discussion in class

The Innovation Academy develops individuals who have the power to create change by fostering empathy through Innovative Collaborative Learning.  At the Innovation Academy, empowered learners create change by fostering empathy and developing solutions using the Design Thinking Process. Passions are discovered through exploration of innovative learning opportunities that promote social interactions.

Students at the Innovation Academy are able to take part in cross curricular projects with various grade levels such as the 7th grade Constitutional convention (pictured above). This project is a culminating assignment for ELA and Social Studies where students are to take ideas from various dystopian novels as well as government concepts learned in social studies to create and argue for a new government structure for their society whose government has fallen. As the 7th graders partake in an argumentative discussion, 8th graders look on and sit as committee members to ask questions and decide which faction’s government would work best for the new society.  ​


Students doing creative writing
Deep Dives
These allow students to dive deeper into certain concepts by participating in various experiences such as Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Project History, and creating the daily video announcements. 


Students perform yoga
These are opportunities for students to explore and discover new passions. Examples of explorations offered include: Yoga, Chess, Football, Theater, String Art and Robotics just to name a few. 


Student shows off 20Time Project
20Time Project
Every student at the Innovation Academy is tasked with the challenge of creating something life-changing using the design thinking process.  Students have an entire year to work on their chosen project. 


For more information, see the flyer or please contact the Innovation Academy at 623.523.8777 or at